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From the comforts of your own home to out in the field,
observation binoculars allow you unparalleled closeness to nature.

We are a family owned incorporated company based in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Our experience with Observation Binoculars dates back to 1987 when we launched Seacoast Expeditions, Victoria’s first whale watching company. We experimented with multiple scopes and binoculars before discovering the BT 25/40 x 100 in 1988.

This very fine Observation Binocular proved indispensible in tracking killer whales in Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits, often at distances of 14 – 24 km (9 -15 miles). We affectionately dubbed them “whale finders”. The model has been further refined and is now better than ever.

Of course, Observation Binoculars are not limited to wildlife viewing. Great views are everywhere, day and night.

We invite you to experience the remarkable optics of the BT 100 model. Looking through its oculars it’s easy to imagine the binocular vision and visual acuity of Bald Eagles soaring aloft.

Our website reflects our experience and includes practical tips and advice on using the BT 100 models. We welcome inquires and encourage you to try them at one of our demo sessions. In-home test drives are available to prospective customers on a discretionary basis.

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